2020 Astrology Calendar for iOS, Google, Outlook

The Astrology Calendar for the Connected Astrologer

Molly’s Astrology Calendar is a set of software-based digital astrological calendars in a universal format that you can download and import to your Google Calendar, iOS Calendar, or Outlook. This astrology calendar works in any time zone- and travels with you!

  • The Lunar calendar tells you what sign the Moon is in, when it is Void of Course, and when the New and Full Moons take place.
  • The planetary events calendar has the signs, retrogrades, and aspects.
  • Pop both calendars right into your scheduling software, and sync with all your devices.

Get the astrology of 2020 right where you need it

Put this annual calendar on all of your favorite devices…

Instantly check what’s up in the sky… in YOUR time zone

And choose your moment to take action.

Molly’s astrological calendar puts the daily, weekly, or monthly astrological “weather” at your fingertips, making it easy to plan your life and set appointments for the most auspicious time.

2020 Astrology Calendar on Your Fave Devices

  • Easy import process pulls the calendar files into all your devices.
  • Universal format – View your Astrology Calendar on any device that supports iOS Calendar, Google Calendar, or Outlook.
  • Molly’s Astrology Calendar works in any time zone – and even travels with you!
  • Planetary Events calendar with aspects, ingresses, retrograde and direct stations and shadow times.
  • Lunar calendars with Moon signs, Void of Course, New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses.
  • Choice of standard or enhanced Moon VOC calculations.

If you need any assistance, we are here to talk you through the setup.

astrology calendar for desktop and mobile

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